Why is pork cheaper than beef?

Why is pork cheaper than beef?

Nowadays there are different choices among people. Their choices differ according to various reasons. When considering meat, there are various meat types such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and turkey. These meat types differ according to various nutritional factors, organoleptic properties, and farming practices. Also, there is a different market situation for each meat type. According to that, when considering the price, most people consider that when buying meat. Here, we are going to consider pork and beef that are common in the market nowadays. Why is pork cheaper than beef? This is our main consideration under the meat types. 


Pork is the flesh of hogs that have been slaughtered between the ages of six months and a year. When considering the most preferable pork, it is grayish pink in color. Also, it is firm and fine-grained. Not only it but also pork is well-marbled and covered in an outer layer of firm white fat. When considering pork meat, cooked fresh meat accounts for about 30% of the meat consumed. The rest is used to make bacon and ham, as well as sausage and lard.

It must be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 °F to kill the disease-causing organisms because pigs can develop the parasite disease trichinosis.

Pork is one of the most versatile meats available. Also, it is eaten all around the world. Pork is essentially unknown in Middle Eastern cuisines, as well as in the cuisines of some local populations in Asia and Africa because it is proscribed by the dietary laws of Judaism and Islam. Germany, Denmark, Poland, and Austria are the top pork-consuming countries (per capita).

When considering pork carcasses, they are rated based on how much edible meat they will produce. In the United States, where individual cuts are not rated, a Number 1 carcass has the best fat-to-lean ratio; Number 2, Number 3, and Number 4 carcasses have a higher proportion of fat, diminishing the amount of lean. These facts are very important when considering the main topic “why is pork cheaper than beef?”.


Beef is the meat of fully grown cattle. This is a culinary term for beef, particularly skeletal muscle, from cattle. The best beef is produced by early maturing, unique beef breeds. Firm, velvety, fine-grained lean, bright red in color, and well-marbled are some of the features of high-quality beef. This fat is also white, smooth, and creamy. Not only that but fat is divided evenly as well. The bones of young beef are soft, porous, and red, whereas the bones of mature cattle are hard and white. Beef becomes more tender and flavorful as it ages. When considering beef, you can find more facts about beef through this link

When considering the differences between pork and beef, there are many facts and let’s find out. 

Why is pork cheaper than beef?

Growth factors

Pigs grow rapidly and generate multiple offspring. If there are no problems during pregnancy, the sow will usually be pregnant for 16-17 weeks and give birth to a minimum of 10 piglets. Because the piglets grow self-sufficient quite rapidly, sows can give birth twice a year. Also, pigs take less time, less than 6 months to reach market size. A cow gives birth once a year and cattle are more expensive to raise in every possible way.


Commercial pig processing is a significantly more automated procedure than beef processing. Employees have higher operating costs than automation. Beef is considerably more difficult to carry and handle than pork, requiring the use of more cowboys to complete the task. Cowboys have truck payments, and fuel is expensive. According to this, pigs are simple to raise and do not require as much input as a cow.

Nutritional factors

When considering nutritional facts, pork contains more nutrients, but it also contains more fat. Pork, on the other hand, contains more unsaturated fats than beef. Pork is significantly higher in B1 and moderately higher in B2 and E. Vitamin D, which has recently been considered extremely important, is completely lacking in beef, whereas pork contains 13 % requirement in just 100 grams. Beef, on the other hand, has a far higher Vitamin B12 content.

Other factors

In general, hogs are less expensive to maintain than cows when it comes to livestock. That is the primary reason why pork meat is cheaper than beef in supermarkets. Pork shoulder and loin are both inexpensive cuts. A pound of pork shoulder costs $3 in the United States, while a pound of pork loin costs $3-$4.

Because it comes from a more valuable part of the animal, beef ribs are more expensive than pork ribs. The side rib is located further down the hog’s side. In terms of cost to stores, either one is a good deal.

Pork is harvested in around the same amount as beef each year, but pork is consumed at a much lower rate per capita in the United States. The American customer likes beef because it comes in many more cuts than pork. Ribeye, t bone, porterhouse, striploin, and tenderloin are all cuts of beef loin. In the hog, loin chops, rib chops, and tenderloin are the only cuts available. So, beef has a higher demand than pork. 

Why is pork cheaper than beef? Above all reasons are behind this and now you can understand it very well. Now let’s consider pork and beef further. 

Pork and Beef

It is important to select the proper cuts of both foods and avoid using processed cuts. When good cuts of both are compared, pork looks to be slightly better nutritionally, with the exception of beef being higher in Iron and Zinc. Beef is consumed two times less globally than pork.

Various claims that pig is more “dirty” and full of viruses, presuming it is cooked to the USDA’s approved temperature, appear to be without scientific basis. As long as your religious beliefs allow it, you can offer pork to children and eat it. Beef is far more harmful to the environment than pork. So, you have to think very well when eating meat.


Why is pork cheaper than beef? There are various reasons for this and now you have a clear idea about it. Growth factors, maintaining, processing, nutritional facts, and demand are those reasons. Also, there is some more information about pork and beef here. When considering meat, there are other types. Not only meat but also there are many different food items all around the world. So, stay with us to know more facts about foods and consider following us on Facebook and Instagram

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