Is soup a drink?

Is soup a drink?

Nowadays, there are various types of foods such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, bakery products, legumes, fish, and meat products. Also, there are soups and beverages. Some of them can eat and some of them can drink. As an example, if we prepare curries from vegetables, we can eat them. Also, when considering fruits, we can eat them. Not only it but we can also drink fruits as juices. According to these facts, soup may lead to confusion among people because we can both eat and drink it. Because various food items are used to prepare the soup and it also, contains some aqueous phase, some people are confused with that. So, is soup a drink or food? Let’s find out.


We can prepare the soup in various ways such as adding vegetables, legumes, fish, poultry, cooking meat with water, milk, or some other liquid medium. Soups were cooked by dropping hot stones into the liquid before the invention of pots that could resist direct heat from a fire. 

The word “soup” is of Germanic origin. It evolved into the Latin suppa, which meant a slice of bread used to soak up a broth, and then into the French soup. Soup has been around for a long time as a source of food in all civilizations.

When considering soups, stock, or broth, is the foundation of many soups. It is a rich liquid made by boiling fish, meat, poultry, game, or vegetables. Clear broths can be topped with cooked vegetables, pasta or rice, quenelles, or dumplings. Also, we can use poached eggs or other foods that have been prepared separately. In Chinese egg-drop soup and Italian stracciatella, beaten eggs are stirred into the boiling broth.

When considering the above factors, now comes the confusion. Soups have both eating and drinking parts. So, how can we clarify this? Let’s find out.

Is soup a drink?

When considering the opinions of various people, some people say that soup is not a drink and it is a food like cereals. Some people say that if we slurp the soup out of the bowl, we can consider it as a drink. Also, they say that if we chew the soup, then we are eating it. Some people say that the soup is simply a broth and we can drink it. 

Now we have the confusion. Is soup a drink or any other food?

Soup is a food. There is no argument for that. When considering beverages, those are also foods. According to soups, there are also eating portions and a drinking portion. Drinking means we take something in a cup and swallow the liquid directly into the mouth. When we eat something, we put it in a bowl and chew it with a spoon. Soup is consumed in several Asian cultures by picking up the bowl and drinking the contents. However, we are eating when we take the soup with a spoon, utensil, or chopstick and chew the contents.

When considering soups, there are various categories according to various regions. However, there are two main groups. Those are clear soups and thick soups.

Clear soups

Clear soups are delicate soups that do not contain any thickening agents. A traditional type of clear soup is consomme, French clarified meat or fish broth. Another clear soup is broth, sometimes known as bouillon. Broths are available in a range of flavors such as chicken, turkey, beef, vegetable, and mushroom. Contrary to popular belief, clear soups can pack a punch of flavor. Soups that are clear do not taste watery. Clear soup can provide a variety of nutritional benefits while also keeping your intestines clear. This is why clear soup is so popular in hospitals and as a comfort dish when we’re sick. This is a fully liquid soup. Even at room temperature, clear broth has a thin texture. So, we can drink clear soup instead of ladling it with a spoon. According to this explanation, we can consider clear soup as a drink.

However, the clear soup is low in calories. Also, a clear soup diet should not be followed for more than a few days because it is also low in nutrients.

Thick soups

Soups thickened with flour, cornstarch, cream, vegetables, and other components are known as thick soups. We can obtain varying textures and flavors depending on how we thicken a soup. There are various types of thick soups such as cream soup, puree soup, bisque, chowder, and veloute soup.   

When considering cream soup, this is thickened using a roux, beurre manie, liaison, or other thickeners. Also, use cream, light cream, and a half of milk. The main item is often a vegetable. This is very creamy and smooth. 

Pureed soups are also similar to cream soups. Pureeing one or more vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnip, or other starchy vegetables is used to thicken the soup. Generally, use starchy vegetables as the main ingredients. There is a more rustic appearance here than cream soup. 

Bisque is a smooth, creamy, heavily seasoned French soup that is traditionally made with strained crab broth. Traditionally, crustaceans are used. Rice, rice flour, or roux are mainly used as thickening agents. 

When considering chowder, fish, shellfish, and/or vegetables used as main ingredients. Also, it contains potatoes, onions, milk, or cream. 

A veloute soup’s basis is made up of veloute sauce, which can be made from vegetables, Poultry, game, or fish, as well as a puree of the main ingredient. 

According to the above facts, there are many thickening agents in thick soups. When considering the texture, we can mainly eat these types of soups.

Is soup a drink? Now I think we can understand the confusion very well. According to the types of soup, we can say it is a drink. Also, we can eat soup too. 

Benefits of soups

Soups keep us hydrated. Even if we aren’t hot and sweaty, we lose fluid through everyday activities. Soups are an excellent method to stay hydrated and full because they are primarily liquid.

Boost our immune system. Soups can help us avoid getting a cold or the flu, and they’re also a great remedy for when we’re sick. The majority of soups are high in disease-fighting ingredients. In fact, studies show that chicken soup, especially when loaded with fresh garlic, onions, celery, and carrots, can help avoid the common cold.

Helps to keep us warm. Soup, unlike hot caffeinated beverages, nourishes us from the inside out while also helping to raise core body temperature. On a cold, frigid night, a cup of your favorite soup will warm us from the inside out, keeping our toasty warm.

Keeps us satiated. It’s a filling supper on its own, providing more satisfaction for fewer calories than most other typical meals. Researchers from Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom discovered that smooth soup causes greater fullness than a solid meal. This can cause stomach distension and fast nutritional accessibility, resulting in a higher glycemic response. In summary, the soup will make us feel fuller for longer, keep our stomachs happy, and maintain our blood sugar levels.

Good for digestion. Unless we choose a soup with a lot of heavy creams, most recipes include fibrous vegetables, beans, lentils, and meats, which are all good for digestion. Consuming a fiber-rich diet assists digestion and improves insulin sensitivity.

When considering soups, it is very important to discuss the benefits. So, I have mentioned the main benefits that we can obtain by consuming soups. 


Is soup a drink? Now you know the answer to this. We can consider soup as a drink. Also, we can eat soup too according to the type and ingredients. There is a very clear explanation about all those things in this article. Also, there is information about various types of soups and the benefits of soups too. So, I hope this article is very important to you if you are interested in soups. Not only soups but also there are many food items all around the world and there are very interesting facts about foods. So, if you are a food explorer, stay with us to explore food facts and consider following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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