Can you eat tuna raw?

Can you eat tuna raw?

Most people like to eat seafood. There are many types of seafood and examples are various fish species, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, and prawns are common examples. When considering fish species, tuna, salmon, herring, and swordfish are examples. Under these types, tuna is the main species that we are going to consider in this article. When considering tuna, it can be prepared in various ways. However, people have a common question related to tuna when eating it. Can you eat raw tuna? Let’s find out.


Fish called tunas are long, strong, and streamlined. Their rounded bodies taper to a narrow tail base, and their tails are forked or crescent-shaped. Tunas typically have a black top and a silvery below. There is a noticeable keel on either side of the base of the tail. There is a row of small finlets behind the dorsal and anal fins and a corselet of larger scales in the shoulder area.

Their family is Scombridae. There are main seven species of tuna under the genus Thunnus. They are bigeye tuna (T. obesus), blackfin tuna (T. atlanticus), yellowfin tuna (T. albacares), southern bluefin tuna (T. thynnus maccoyii), northern bluefin tuna (T. thynnus), albacore (T. alalunga), and longtail tuna (T. toggle).

The sizes of these various species range from moderate to large. The northern bluefin tuna is the largest of the group. They reach a maximum length and weight of roughly 4.3 meters and 800 kg, respectively.

Also, other members of the family Scombridae have the popular name “tuna”, including the globally distributed skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis). Not only it but also bonitos, which belong to the genus Sarda. They are widespread and valuable both commercially and recreationally.

When considering tuna, it can prepare in various ways. Examples are baked tuna, marinated tuna, and grilled tuna. Also, there are so many tuna dishes all around the world. 

When considering the above things, I hope now you have some basic idea about tuna. So, let’s find facts about our main topic.

Can you eat tuna raw?

Fish that haven’t been cooked is called raw tuna. Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients are abundant in raw tuna. It is a high-quality protein source. So it is better to help with weight loss and have anti-inflammatory qualities. Without being concerned about it possibly damaging your health, you can also take advantage of eating raw tuna. 

There are certain steps you may take to reduce your risk if you are unsure whether it is safe for you to consume raw fish. You have to pick the appropriate fish first.

When it’s possible, choose wild fish because they often have fewer contaminants than farm-raised types. Next, keep your seafood clean and fresh until you’re ready to eat it. Buy from various suppliers. They will take particular care when handling the products. 

If all impurities are removed, raw tuna is usually safe to consume. So, you can eat tuna raw. 

I like to give you one example. This is a popular Japanese dish. Its name is sushi. Japanese people use rice and mostly raw fish, including tuna to prepare sushi. Although sushi occasionally contains cooked seafood, it is mostly made using raw seafood, giving the elements a variety of names. Sashimi is one of them. The term “sashimi” refers to the fish or other seafood combined with cold-seasoned rice to form sushi. There is only raw seafood. 


When considering sushi, there is a certain way to prepare tuna to do everything correctly. For instance, the Japanese, who produced sushi, is so particular about how it should be prepared. Also, served, and consumed and they even stress doing so in a precise order. The most crucial step in making excellent sushi is selecting the tuna. You will hear Meguro mentioned frequently while discussing the best tuna for sushi. Primarily, people use yellowfin, bluefin, and bigeye tuna species to produce it. People also use albacore tuna to prepare sushi. Albacore tuna is also referred to be the only true white tuna.

Is it safe to eat raw tuna?

When considering seafood, particularly tuna, thrives in its natural environment (the sea). Also, it is very important to treat properly throughout the process. It is virtually always free of disease-causing organisms. The tuna can only get contaminated if it is handled improperly from the time it is harvested until it is eaten. If you want to eat raw tuna safely, you must freeze it and take great care of it. So, when handled carefully and frozen to eliminate parasites, raw tuna is generally safe.

However, despite the high amounts of mercury in some species, tuna is quite healthy and is best consumed raw in moderation. Avoid eating raw tuna if you’re a child, an older adult, a pregnant and breastfeeding woman, or have a compromised immune system. If you are pregnant or have a high tolerance for mercury, this could be harmful to you. Raw tuna also has the potential to harm your teeth over time. It may result in tooth decay or gum disease. For this reason, brushing your teeth after consuming any kind of fish is crucial. 

Also, some people dislike the bland flavor of raw tuna in general. So, you have to be careful, when eating tuna raw.

When finding facts about tuna, I found some other common questions like “Can you eat raw tuna?” So, I thought to answer those questions too.

Can you eat yellowfin tuna raw?

The answer is “YES”. You can consume raw yellowfin tuna. All varieties of tuna, including bluefin, yellowfin, skipjack, and albacore, can be consumed raw. Some people believe it to be one of the most recognizable sashimi and sushi symbols.

Can you eat frozen tuna raw?

The answer is “YES”. People can consume frozen tuna raw. However, it is not advised, though. Typically, people store frozen tuna in ice and salt water. This is a result of repeated freezing and thawing. It loses part of its nutritious value after it is thawed.

Can you eat canned tuna raw?

The answer is “YES”. Because canned tuna is sufficiently cooked during the canning process to be eatable right out of the tin, it can be consumed raw. This makes canned tuna more convenient for consumers. Also, it helps to extend its shelf life.

Can you eat tuna steak raw?

Only tuna steak that is marked as sushi-grade or sashimi-grade can be consumed raw. For use as sushi or sashimi, the fish must have been carefully cleaned and immediately frozen, according to the label. It’s crucial to remember, though, that not all parasites may be absent.

Health benefits of tuna

It is very important to know about the health benefits of tuna when considering the facts under the topic of “Can you eat raw tuna?” So, you can know 10 benefits that you can gain from eating tuna.

If you’ve tried both raw and cooked tuna, you might be wondering whether eating raw tuna has any advantages. Both are equally nutritious and offer health benefits. However, improper handling of raw tuna before serving increases the risk of foodborne illnesses. Also, most cooked tuna isn’t actually cooked. To maintain the delicate texture and flavor of the tuna, the outside is pan-seared while the interior is still raw. This indicates that the nutritional value and health benefits of cooked and raw tuna are similar.

Provide energy

The constituents of tuna fish boost energy and metabolism. There is a vitamin B complex together with high protein and omega-3 fatty acid levels for this purpose.

Improve your immune system

There are antioxidants. Manganese, zinc, vitamin C, and selenium are examples. They are important immune system enhancers. These are abundant in the meat of this fish. Antioxidants battle free radicals, which are the cellular byproduct of metabolism and can lead to several deadly diseases, including cancer.

Reduce your blood pressure

Potassium, a mineral that significantly decreases blood pressure. It is abundant in tuna. This component has an anti-inflammatory effect on the cardiovascular system when combined with omega-3 fats. This results in lower blood pressure and a decreased chance of heart attacks, strokes, and more difficult issues like clogged arteries.

Helps your heart

Because tuna meat contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, it helps to balance the blood vessels and lowers artery cholesterol. Lower cholesterol in arteries leads to fewer issues with blood flow and the heart’s pump, which improves heart health.

Help with eye health

The disorder known as macular degeneration. It affects eye vision and gradually causes blindness. The all-powerful Omega-3 fatty acids act to prevent this disease.

May strengthen your bones

The main element that goes into building bones is vitamin D. We can see the advantages of this vitamin in the prevention of cancer, support for strong, healthy bones, and the absence of fractures.

Improve your skin health

Due to the trace minerals include in tuna, blood cells are not damaged due to intoxication. Second, a substance called elastin helps with further tissue repairs and gives skin its smoothness.

May contribute to building muscles

Protein is one of the primary components of tuna meat. Since tuna is one of the meats with the highest protein content, it is the ideal food for building muscle and reducing body fat. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, which help the body’s metabolism and speed up recovery.

May improve your mood

Humans’ mood and appetite can control by selenium. According to research, anxiety is brought on by a selenium deficiency in the body. The process through which omega-3 fatty acids increase mood is another advantage.

May reduce inflammations

Tuna meat reduces inflammation in both the body’s tissues and illnesses. Anti-inflammatory elements and good cholesterol aid in the development of the organism’s resources. This promotes healthy body functioning and the avoidance of inflammatory conditions like gout and arthritis.


Can you eat raw tuna? Now you know the answer to this question and the eating method of tuna raw with safety. Also, you know the risk factors and people who are at risk of eating tuna raw. So, I hope now you have a clear idea about this situation. Also, I have included some other common questions about tuna in this article. Not only those factors but also I have included 10 benefits of tuna. I hope these factors are also very important for you.

Like this question, there are more questions related to foods that people have. If you are a food explorer that likes to find answers to those questions, we are here to give you the answers. So, stay with us and consider following us on Facebook and Instagram

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