10 Surprising Advantages of Using Cinnamon – Health Benefits and Uses

10 surprising advantages of using cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that obtains from several tree species from the genus Cinnamon. Cinnamon is more delicious and one of the healthy spices in human usage. It mainly uses as an aromatic condiment and flavoring additive. There are many benefits of cinnamon-like to reduce heart disease risk factors, lower blood sugar levels, and has a plethora of other impressive health benefits. Here we consider about 10 surprising advantages of using cinnamon.

It is very important to consider dementia before we talk about our main topic because it causes problems for humans nowadays and cinnamon can help with that.

What is dementia?

This is a general term for memory loss, language, problem-solving, and other thinking skills that are too extreme to interfere with everyday life. The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s. Dementia also can affect feelings, behavior, and relationships. This disease mainly damages brain cells. When the brain cannot act as usual then the above problems can happen.

There have been some studies on cinnamon and the possible benefits of preventing the development of Alzheimer’s disease. All the studies on which these reports are based, however, were carried out in the laboratory and used chemicals extracted from cinnamon rather than from the spice itself. For example, in mouse and fruit fly models of the disease, cinnamon bark extracts have been shown to prevent and even reverse Alzheimer’s disease. So far, most studies have been performed in cells grown in the laboratory, so it is uncertain if the same results will be seen in animal models or humans, or if there will be any effect on brain cell function.

However, if the studies on cinnamon can success against dementia, it is very huge victory in human life.

The above are very valuable facts on dementia that we can consider under the topic of 10 surprising advantages of using cinnamon. Now, let’s consider about advantages of cinnamon nowadays.

1. How does cinnamon affect diabetes?

When considering diabetes, is a disease characterized by abnormally high blood sugar. When considering the 10 surprising advantages of using cinnamon, it is very good for diabetes and it includes the ability to lower blood sugar levels and helps to manage diabetes. Cinnamon helps to increase insulin sensitivity and make glucose transport into cells. If we use 1-6 g of cinnamon for about 40 days continuously, we can reduce the blood sugar level by about 24%. Alsowe can reduce the blood cholesterol level by about 18%. Cinnamon helps to lower cholesterol too.

When considering diabetes, there are some substances that disturb the effect of insulin. Cinnamon contains substances that prevent the above substances. Polyphenol is very important when considering that effect. It is an antioxidant. There are various reasons for diabetes. Being overweight, the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas, and carrying extra weight are some factors that affect diabetes and make cells more resistant to the effect of insulin. Cinnamon can helps in this situation.

2. Cinnamon is the strong 6th antioxidant in the world.

There are many antioxidants in cinnamon such as polyphenols. Antioxidants protect our bodies from damages caused by free radicals.

3. There are seven types of flavonoids in cinnamon.

These help to prevent heart attacks, cancers, and infirmity in the brain.

4. Helps to prevent the risk of heart diseases.

Also, it reduces the cholesterol level (LDL cholesterol) while HDL cholesterol remains stable. Also, reduce blood pressure and prevent blood clotting. According to these things, cinnamon can cut the risk of heart diseases.

5. Prevent DNA damage.

When considering DNA damage, can happen due to various reasons. It can be due to the several chemical materials that include genotoxic effects in normal cells. Cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon possesses antioxidant activity to prevent DNA damage. Also, cinnamon helps for a healthy effect on the bowels. This is one of the valuable advantages that we can consider under the topic of 10 surprising advantages of using cinnamon.

6. Helps in oral health.

When considering oral hygiene, salivary pH and bad breath are important. Cinnamon helps in the prevention of tooth decay and dental cavities with antimicrobial activities. Studies have shown these things.

7. Helps to eliminate acne by drying the skin off.

It is done by supporting blood flow to the skin. Also, adds moisture to the skin and helps remove dead skin cells.

8. Helps to fight fungal and bacterial infections.

Cinnamaldehyde is the main compound that helps to fight various infections. When considering cinnamon oil, is very effective in treating respiratory infections that cause by fungi. Also, it can inhibit the growth of certain bacteria.

9. Beneficial effects on neurodegenerative diseases.

Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease are examples. The progressive loss of the function of brain cells can happen due to these diseases.

10. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties.

This means helps to fight infections and repair tissue damage in the body.

When considering the above facts, those very important advantages that we can explain under the topic of 10 surprising advantages of using cinnamon. Many people don’t know these valuable facts and now you can be a knowledgeable person in society through these facts. Also, stay with us to know more things and consider following us on Instagram and Facebook.  

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